February 1, 2020

Our Top 5 Superbowl XIV 2020 advertisements!

T’was the night before the superbowl and the ads are already being play-tested on youtube. Here is our breakdown of the top 5 ads that we feel are best-in-class this year.

#1 Whassup Again | Budweiser Canada Super Bowl Commercial

Sometimes you can bring back some nostalgia to the masses and we feel like Budweiser does it again with the new and improved Whassup ad. The original ad broke the early early internet and this new version will surely bring back some fond memories of your co-workers saying Whassssuuuuuuppp at the water cooler.

Here is a look back at the original:

#2 Budweiser | Typical American | 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

Budwiser is both #1 and #2 on our list this year. It hits us again with a narrative spot about being a typical american, and how embracing your basic-ness can actually make you great. If only they brought in a Starbucks PSL — this would then be #1 🙂

We feel that this ad did a pretty great job of sneaking in their logo that follows some of our branded content ideology.

#3 Planters Mr. Peanut death in 2020 superbowl commercial

In this spot, Planters kills off a childhood hero of many. An odd way to go out Mr. Peanut but I am interested to see how they play this out come Sunday and if they have a new character they are going to introduce etc.

Let’s see where your going with this Planters (www.planters.com)

#4 Doritos Super Bowl 2020 Commercial Sam Elliott Monologue

We first encountered the monologue spot in our youtube rabbit hole and we were somewhat stunned because we didn’t realize there was a larger spot with Lil Nas X. But the larger spot did pay off with the wave mustache flip 🙂

Great casting and feels very on-brand for something Doritos would do. We hope they captured a ton of social content on set. It looks like they spent a good about of time art directing that western scene.

#5 Fabletics (not our fave)

Okay we actually hate this spot but wanted to put it in here as an example of how it can go horribly wrong. We felt this ad does a really good job with how many times they can drop the brand name in the ad, but otherwise its fairly annoying to watch. The strategy could have been executed better and seems like it was marketers marketing to themselves.

Let us know if you had any favorites that didn’t make our roll-up this year in the comments.

This article was written by:
Alex Terry
CEO of Lemonade Stand Studio.